Tuesday, February 5, 2008

VIRTUAL ACCESS: Where is this access?

I am reading the following info on the OLA's Website: (under the caption virtual access)

"A professional company has been hired to make certain sessions available on the Web in video or audio format to OLA members who have not been able to come to Super Conference, or who have not been able to attend your session at the time allotted...."

My first question is to the organizers, participants, etc.: WHERE are these videos / audios? Is there a web link?

On another issue, I noticed that the Bloggers of 2007 OLA SuperConference did more visuals / colorful blog posts. Then, my second question is to the Team of SuperConference Bloggers 2008: Are we contented with mere textuals; presumably, we are better off with web 2.0 / Library 2.0 / and another feather in our cap that we are 'proud' of: Library Of Congress Images Goes Web 2.0

I am sure many participants must have clips (and may be at YouTube, Video.Google, etc). And, in case you find it any where, lets post it on the blog. Is any body reading this? Hello.....

NB. I found video that reports the ALA conference and reports OLA 2008 @ Help, I’m surrounded by librarians. :-)

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anna said...

If you want audio, I brought a mini voice recorder and turned it on for all the sessions I attended Thurs. and Fri. I, like you, was promised by all the speakers that there would be a ppt posted of their presentations. If you want the audio files, I can send them to you or post them as podcasts. They are quite long and I wonder what copyright that would entail. For my purposes, I'm going to create a voicethread with pics and audio as a conference summary to share.