Tuesday, February 5, 2008

MEDIA MONITORING: What Other Bloggers Say: Update III

"...A Great Presentation at the OLA Super Conference!"
6 hours ago by Of Peter, Thank you so much for your great presentation at the Ontario Library Association Super Conference today! You have put together a very informative and thought-provoking session. In an ever growing media-blitzed society, it is through ...Peter Stranks-Photography, Advertising... -

Docutek vs IM
8 hours ago by Paul R. Pival Dan Sich from the U of Waterloo has posted the slides from a presentation he just gave at the Ontario Library Association Super Conference. The title of his talk was IM a Librarian: the Meebo, Skype-Unyte solution, and one really ...The Distant Librarian -

Super Roundup
8 hours ago by theweelibrarian I’ve just returned from presenting and attending the Ontario Library Association’s SuperConference (despite a wicked snowstorm on Friday). As per usual, there were too many sessions and not enough time and I had some great conversations ...the wee librarian -

The Future of Academic Libraries
10 hours ago by Joe This is a very interesting post and presentation at the Ontario Library Association Super Conference -- "My Job in 10 Years: The Future of Academic Libraries."Science and Engineering Resources

Superconference 2008
3 Feb 2008 by Sharon Seslija The Superconference 2008 site will have all the presentations posted for all sessions - it's a great place to go for personal teaching resources and pd. I also attended the OSLA's Hot Issues session and have a draft copy of the new ...Betty Bunhead Blog -

Blog of the week January 3, 2008
3 Feb 2008 by Sylvia McNicoll Eighteen out of twenty authors showed up at the Convention Centre in Toronto on this stormy day. Most businesses and government offices, certainly schools closed. Librarians didn’t all make it. But I think everyone enjoyed it. ...Sylvia mcnicoll's Blog -

ola stuff
2 Feb 2008 by Mike The session was Patricia Eastman from Toronto Public Library and two of their usability consultants. I found this to be quite a good session covering a lot of things we need to think about for our upcoming website redesign. ...ex libris -

Weekend in Toronto
3 Feb 2008 by Barbara in Beamsville On Friday, I went to the Ontario Library Association Conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Later, Brendan and Amie and I went to a restaurant called Coca's and had a nice dinner. Then we walked back through the snow. ...Untitled -

Things learned at SuperConference
3 Feb 2008 by MadJenny This week was the annual Ontario Library Association SuperConference. Held, luckily, in Toronto. There, I took part in a little of this, and also a lot of sitting listening to people, and a lot of droning on for myself. ...

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