Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Interesting Conclusion of a Blogger at the end of the day two...

"All in all it was another very well organized event with interesting speakers and topics. My only complaint was the lack of a free pen in my conference package. Also I can’t really be seen carrying around a bag covered in butterflies so I had to give the conference bag away to my Mom. I also forgot to see if Access Copyright was giving away free mints again this year. There’s always next year." [@ Library Playground -- Libraries, Technology & Me]


Beckie Mac said...

Agree about the bag -

YES Access had mints -

was disappointed we signed up to blog for the conference yet could not access this site at the conference. Hopefully next year! :>

heather said...

I actually did manage to post to the OCULA blog during the conference, while it was going on, and on site. Could that be because it was a different blog? Think i've answered my own question... :>