Sunday, February 3, 2008

MEDIA MONITORING: What Other Bloggers Say: Update II

Andrew Keen @ Super Conference
32 minutes ago by amanda OLA ’s Super Conference wrapped up yesterday — it was good. I’d say it was great but, truth is, I only made it to one session (other than my own). I had many more circled in the program, but a combination of last-minute preparations for -

OLA Super Conference 2008: My Session
1 hour ago by John Dupuis As I mentioned the other day, I presented yesterday at the OLA Super Conference this year on My Job in 10 Years: The Future of Academic Libraries. Between the bad weather all day Friday and the 9:05 Saturday timeslot (not to mention ...Confessions of a Science Librarian -

9 hours ago by djfiander djfiander posted a photo:. Naptime. Bill Denton (wtd) rests his eyes at OLA Superconference 2008. This is, in fact, the only picture I took at this year's conference.Photos from djfiander -

Top Tech Trends
2 Feb 2008 by Casey Fiander in a roundtable discussion of Top Tech Trends at OLA’s Superconference. We’ve made a pact not to share our trends with each other in advance (no peeking), so it’ll be interesting to see how much overlap we have [...]Untitled -

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