Thursday, January 31, 2008

Poster Sessions on Today!

Just thought I would do a PLUG for the poster sessions, on today and tomorrow at lunch in the EXPO hall. This is your chance to chat with colleagues about special projects they've been working on.

I'll be poster-presenting about the OLA WebSite Poll today, 1:15 - 2:00...stop by and say HI!

BTW, I just realized my "Library Detective" handle is attached to my posts. By way of introduction, I'm Joanna Aegard, Head of Virtual Library Services at Thunder Bay Public Library. This is my third OLA and I'm pumped about the adventure of learning / networking / sharing / connecting!

Off to La Marche for b'fast with a FaceBook friend, and my sister, who is here from Wasaga Beach P.L...extra bonus!


Mohamed Taher said...

Thnak you for this lead.
I missed the poster sessions today.

In the printed handbook, I failed to find the pages that mention poster session. Although, the index has p's; Any clue on which page this info appears?

Meg said...

They are on pages 68-70 of the conference brochure.