Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day One

Learned all about BiblioCommons (BC) today. Three of the presenters (including Stephen Abram -- boo hoo!) were grounded at various airports across the country, so a lot of improvisation went on -- very slickly. Two folks were there via phone / web, and did a great job communicating virtually.

It's late, so here are some quick points of interest:
BC is being used in BC, and is in Beta at Oakville PL now
  • libraries are doing a lot of 2.0 stuff, but not a lot of patrons are participating (other libs are though!) we need to make the OPAC itself social
  • the "best" resources are those that are most relevant to ME
  • BC is starting to work with III...yippee!...John Blyberg
  • set up involves:
    • data dump
    • mapping
    • install thing client on the ils
  • Karen Cole talked about cataloging in the age of social seeking as a CHAIN of activity...we need to bring info together for the peeps
  • collectively libs have a lot of info that we're not capitalizing on
  • "Quest for the Holy Grail" for the perfect opac...a moving target
  • Gail Richardson from Oakville: "using the collections to build connection"
  • legal aspects / privacy addressed...choice/control/transparency
  • will be a FAQ link on the ConnectOn site
FAB pics by Rebecca L to come soon. :)

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