Monday, March 3, 2008

MEDIA MONITORING: What Other Bloggers Say: Update VIII

  • Evergreen workshop at code4lib 2008
    26 Feb 2008 by (Dan Scott) This laptop worked fine with the projector at the OLA Superconference just a few weeks ago, and Bill was afflicted by the same problem - so it really put a crimp in my ability to switch from the presentation to the live install image. ...CoffeeCode : Dan Scott, Caffeinated Librarian... -
    22 Feb 2008 by Lorne Bruce Now for the latest presentation at OLA SuperConference on February 1st -- a PDF version of my talk to an avid group of library history people who got to discuss Canada's centennial year and some of the libraries that were built at that ...Libraries Today Blog -
  • OLA Super Conference notes
    20 Feb 2008 by Alex Yarrow I was at the OLA Super Conference last week, and attended two particularly cool sessions. I thought I would share some highlights from my notes with you! Session # 418: Open Source and Libraries in the Developing World with Bess Sadler, ...CLA Montreal Chapter
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